• English and wine


    Speak English and drink wine

    at our unique workshops and events


    Améliorez votre anglais autour d'un verre

    à nos ateliers et évènements uniques


    Nice, France


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  • The concept


    Relax and enjoy an evening of English conversation and wine with a qualified English teacher

    Cambridge University

    British accent

    Natural conversation with gentle correction

    Relaxed setting with a glass of wine and nibbles



    Relaxez-vous et profitez de la soirée so british!

    Conversation autour d’un verre avec une professeur diplômée d'Etat de l'université de Cambridge

    Accent britannique

    Conversation et corrections douces

    Dans une ambiance détendue autour d’un verre et des plats


    English and wine


    Conversation Club


    An evening of English conversation and wine in a relaxed setting


    Une spéciale de conversation en anglais

    dans une ambiance détendue autour d'un verre


    Every Thursday

    18h30 - 20h


    Nice port, 06300






    English conversation, vocabulary & gentle correction



    Conversation en anglais, vocabulaire & corrections douces





    Wine & snacks included

    Vin & amuse-bouches compris


    Places are limited, reservation only

    Places limitées, réservation obligatoire


    07 82 25 22 27



  • Classes

    English classes with a qualified teacher (British accent)

    Cambridge University

    English conversation groups

    Speak with more confidence, learn useful vocabulary and practise in a friendly group with wine and nibbles


    Evening groups and events

    (10 people maximum)

    15-18€ (includes drinks and snacks)

    Level B1 to Advanced

    British pronunciation courses

    Speak easily, clearly and with more confidence

    Evening groups (6 people maximum)

    15-18€ / class (includes drinks and snacks)

    All levels


    Business English courses

    18-20€/ class

    Level B1 and above


    • Business vocabulary
    • Presentations, meetings, reviews, job interviews, negotiation, telephone etc
    • Formal writing - emails, reports etc

    Private classes

    35€ / hr

    32€ / hr for 10 hrs or more

    All levels


    • English for professional use - adapted to your area of work (tourism, retail, hospitality, corporate, banking, law etc)
    • Business English - presentations, meetings, job interviews, negotiation, telephone, emails etc
    • General English - conversation, vocabulary, grammar 
    • Writing (professional, formal, academic, informal)
    • British pronunciation
    • English for specific purposes